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Hey –

I bet you are just like me.  A person trying improve themselves. Bravo. I sincerely applaud your efforts, and I want let you know I am here to help you in this journey. Sometimes we just need someone to hold us accountable on these quests, and motivate us to stay on the path.

Stay-on-the-Healthy-Path-300x209Lets get started! Love, Suzi

A Little About Me.

I’ve been to the bottom, and then every level in between and feel on top of my game.  I really want everyone to feel as good as I do with their true authentic self.  Totally in love with yourself.  Totally accepting, and not affected by what others think of you.  I want you to feel like you KNOW you are doing your best at this exact moment in time and you are OK with it all.  You know you are striving to be better, and understanding of your shifts and swings that everyone goes through.

Sometimes you just need to invest in a program (ultimately investing in yourself) so you stay serious about your investment.  You pay attention to the things you invest in more than the free advice.  And with daily support and motivation you feel encouragement, comradeship, and a sense of positivity  to sustain your personal program.   The areas we are here to help you with are, clean eating, exercise, positive mindset and wrap it all up in some loving support.  Then watch your investment pay you back.  The benefits of a healthy lifestyle just keep pouring in.


Clean Eating

We are here to help you with your diet, getting on a balanced 80-20 clean whole foods program.  Supporting you with ideas and lessons on how to shop, cook, and clean out your pantry of trigger foods, and replace them with better choices.  We can even do a cleanse if you’re ready to detox your body, and clean your pipes.

What’s an 80-20 program?  This is where you strive to eat healthy 80% of the time, and giving yourself permission 20% of the time to enjoy the comfort foods you love.



Everyone hates to exercise, even the people who own the gyms have to force themselves to workout.  The reason they keep going back is because they see the results and feel better afterwards. I’m here to support you along the journey, because it doesn’t show results instantly, and that’s why people give up.  They get sore, and frustrated right away.  I’ll help you ease into an exercise program to not get sore, and start seeing results sooner.  Together we will find a program you enjoy enough to stick to so you keep coming back to what works for you.



This is the big one.  You can clean your pipes, go for walks and do yoga, but can you beat that chatter in your head?  Can you learn to change to self destructive thinking into loving acceptance?  Can you let go of old limiting beliefs that stem from your childhood?  Yes you can!  If we could do it, anyone can do it.  And the right mindset not only helps you with body image, and your old health issues, it helps you with your relationships (all of them), your career,  and your finances.  It is constant work, but when you get it – your life turns right side up and you are constantly blessed with a indescribable flow of wealth and health in ALL areas of you life.

phone consultion


By joining the Authentic Bliss Academy program you will receive individualized support, your own health coach and cheerleader all in one. First fill out our questionnaire to help us get a feel for your needs and help us stay on track during our initial consultation.  After your first 1 hour phone consult we will specify your personal needs and desires for a healthy lifestyle makeover.  After that we will connect with you once a week for a 15 minute call to answer any questions you may have, and pump you up and energize your week ahead. You will also receive daily texts to keep you motivated, and inspired.


Before you commit to Authentic Bliss Academy, we offer a free 15 minute consult to make sure this is a program you are ready for.  No harm there right?  Let’s connect soon!

img_2524.jpgFeel free call or text Suzi now at 307-431-0386 or on VOXR at sshel68 and designate a time to talk over your health concerns.


You must want change in your life NOW, or you wouldn’t be here.  If everything else you have tried has failed, I bet it was because you weren’t addressing you Authentic Self, with natural methods rather then chemicals and gimmicks.  Your body can heal its-self, sometimes you just need a coach to show you how.



Let’s get started now! Waiting is the worst thing anyone can do. Because nothing changes unless something changes.

We are here for you.


Suzi and Mitch


VOXR: sshel68