At Authentic Bliss Academy we will be customizing your total body, mind and spiritual needs with a supportive and personal program.  Getting you in a self loving and accepting state to grow from into the authentic and blissful self.  With the help of Authentic Bliss Academy you will relearn your souls purpose during this human experience, and enjoy the rest of your journey in a body you feel comfortable in, a mind that doesn’t sabotage you, and an overall feeling of peace within.


I do enjoy and appreciate all the new “consciousness” that you share and have taught me. It has raised my level of awareness, understanding, and helped me with inner peace and acceptance of myself and others.

Thank you so very much.

Love you and Namaste,




Linda Hart reviewed Serenity Wellness Retreat — 5 star

Profound experience. I just left today after spending 11 days with Suzi & Mitch. My goal was to reconnect to my Wyoming roots (done!), do some yoga (done! every day in fact thanks to Suzi’s flexibility, her loving spirit & her boundless energy) and – drum roll please – quit smoking (day 9 smoke-free!!!). I got all of my goals accomplished & so much more. Suzi suggested that the Ayurvedic cleanse would be good for my goal of quitting; I had never done anything like this before but thankfully gave it a shot. Excellent! Suzi & Mitch did the cleanse along with me & prepared really delicious and sustaining food throughout. It was such a learning experience. I could go on & on. Can I just say I had a fantastic time and that I’m taking renewed health and an uplifted spirit along as I travel back to NM? All that and more. Thank you, Suzi and Mitch! Coming to spend time at your place is the best decision I’ve made in ages!
Linda Hart


Thanks Mitch & Suzi…one thing that I enjoy that each new day there is something to learn by reading, watching or what we learn from others teaching us. We can let it all fly out the window or to Stop..Ponder, and Pray about it & decide if maybe some of these new ideas we have never experienced in our lives that maybe..just maybe it’s something that will bring newness, health, longevity, happiness, and a peace in our lives and our testimonies what it has done for us to share & spread it to others. Growing is Awesome. You can sit and blame and be bitter about life or you can take that leap of hope and forgiveness and.just take what you have learned and make something great out of it. At least TRY..I’m so great flu what I have learned from Suzi. She try’s so hard to let her light shine & to share with others the knowledge she obtained.
She wants everyone to be healthy & happy & full of life & to experience
Each new day by giving it your best shot. Life isn’t Always fair & darts are thrown at us it all directions but it’s how we handle it that matters most. Suzi has helped this community so much in what she says And believes in.
Me personally I’m just a student learning & what I have learned from what i have been blessed to learn has been spread to help others to learn from the laser, oils, sauerkraut, yoga, meditation, spreading something positive in Our lives for over all Health. It’s never to late to START experiencing something your body has been craving for years. It’s the time in our lives we need to know what stress can do..We can be so busy that we need take a look at things And start singling Out The things that take Our joy from us. What matters is The time we take for Our family, Our children to take each second we have with them to let them know what we have learned. To experience little surprises throughout The day how much they are Loved unconditionally. There a Gift…a Blessing. We never know how much time we have in life And sometimes we Miss Out on those very special times by being to busy with something else that should not be more important than something simple as listening to your husband, children, family…going Out to eat together..or maybe The best part of it is your own peace & togetherness at home all cooking & laughing together. It takes a TEAM EFFORT to maker things work. Cutting Out The clutter in your life. Putting Value on what is important. Thanks Suzi & Mitch I won’t do face book it takes to much time & I don’t watch TV to much negativity & way to much time I personally don’t want to waste when I need to be more productive doing the things that can be taken away at any second. Laughter is the best medicine, good healthy friendships, healthy ways of cooking & taking care of our bodies God blessed us with. Thank you for being in my life Mitch Suzi and I know you are both so happy & you as a team effort help each other out. You truly are Best Friends and trying together by showing others what you have learned separately in your lives and bringing it all together by working side by side and by your growing and experiencing different things it has made you closer and that you want to share the peace, hope, laughter that you share as Best Friends to others. No one should ever judge anyone. It’s wrong!!! Or to hurt anyone on purpose. What an Awesome world this would be if we just used the Right Keys that we hold in our own minds and hands. No perfect person in this world..but thanks for your beautiful school that is constantly doing something positive, for taking the time to learn more and more to make us all laugh, to seek better over all Heath. Thanks for caring for those with ALS, Autoimmune dis orders. Bels Palsey, cancer, headaches, etc. The Laser is Amazing, the Kangen water there is nothing like it. Health is so important. I believe that water & Laser & oils is more I important to a family household than a new car or anything else but still Healthy foods is so important for your body to function right. Thanks so much in your everyday living and letting that light shine so brightly to so many. Even the animals love you & how Mitch & you take not only great care of yours but so many Animals all around us. Sometimes were to busy or to selfish, or jealous to give someone a pat on the back. I don’t want that in my life is negative & wrong. We are to love one another as God wants it to be so important in our lives.
If we did our World would be a better place to live in. I know I want to make an effort of what is important & what is not. Have been working on it for years. But one day at a time and one step at a time…just remember to take that First Step…I wish you the Very best in life. God is number one in my Life!!! But he blessed us with some pretty Awesome friends in our Life. Each one if us has a job to do & that’s to share what we know. It’s not all about Money…it’s about what makes you feel better. Thanks, Marla..keep on smiling & laughing & helping others to do The same.